APVP – Associação de Produtores de Videojogos Portugueses

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In 2021, the Associação de Produtores de Videojogos Portugueses (APVP) was established with the aim of strengthening the Portuguese Game Development Industry through promotion and support. Recognizing the global significance of the games industry and its promising growth potential in Portugal, it is crucial to provide assistance to local game developers and implement a cohesive strategy to leverage Portuguese expertise and talent. As the foremost association for Portuguese game developers, our goal is to empower game companies to unlock their full potential and enhance their competitiveness in the global ecosystem.

Our Board

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Jeferson Valadares


Currently VP of Games at Fortis, Jeferson Valadares has more than 20 years of experience in 5 countries (Brazil, Finland, England, USA and Portugal) and has worked at both startups (such as Digital Chocolate and Playfish) and large multinationals (EA, Bandai Namco). His last startup (Doppio) had among its investors Amazon, Google and Portugal Ventures, and was acquired by Fortis in 2021. In 2004 he was the first president of the Brazilian association of video game developers (Abragames).

Rui Guedes

Board Member

With extensive experience and connections in government and incentive areas, Rui entered the video game industry in 2011. He co-founded WeCameFromMars, where he developed and launched several mobile games and worked with R&D for VR/AR. In 2014 he founded Ground Control Studios (GCS) to focus on PC/Console games and VR/AR technology. Today he is responsible for the studio’s direction, focusing on biz/partnership dev and leading in-house R&D.

André Pais

Board Member

In the last 8 years, André has been working in Miniclip’s product area, having gone through several projects, including Soccer Stars and Carrom Pool, two very successful games of the company with a very high volume of users. André is currently the product director at Miniclip Portugal, responsible for the strategy of the studio and its games and the creation of new concepts. Before Miniclip, André was a consultant and worked at the mobile game company NaturalMotion, currently part of the Zynga group.