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Joining forces with Indie X, APVP highlighted the top Portuguese Indie Games in this year's edition.
Affogata is now a partner of APVP. This partnership will grant our members exclusive benefits for AI-driven Player Feedback Analytics.
APVP firmly supports the European Games Developer Federation (EGDF) stance on Unity install fees.

Our Mission

Our commitment to driving positive change

State & Public Affairs

We work in close collaboration with local, national, and international institutions to advocate, promote, and safeguard the interests of the Portuguese Game Development industry. Our team actively engages with governments at various levels to ensure that policies align with the needs and interests of the Portuguese games industry.

Represent the Industry

We represent Portuguese game developers by working with public institutions at every level and other key partners to advance and safeguard the industry's interests. Additionally, we promote spreading videogames culture by contributing to different local-based events and initiatives.

Grow Together

Our focus is to address the continuous needs, challenges, and aspirations of the Portuguese gaming industry while also empowering and supporting our members to make significant contributions towards achieving its long-term goals. Additionally, we promote connections and collaborations between the gaming industry and the broader ecosystem.

Export Activities

We aim to improve and maintain the international recognition of Portuguese game productions while promoting export activities. We prioritize creating a robust ecosystem that fosters the development of startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and multinational corporations looking to establish their offices in Portugal.

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